How can you appreciate a girl without putting her on a pedestal?

When I like a girl, or she does something nice for me (she sang a song for me & sent me the video) and I loved it, it put a big smile on my face. I'm very appreciative whether she's pretty, kind, caring, patient, understanding etc etc.

I wanna let her know how much she means to me but at same time I don't wanna go OTT & make her feel like I'm putting her on a pedestal.


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  • I feel like you're way overthinking things. She's not going to assume you're putting her on a pedestal for responding positively to something nice that she did. Do something nice back, or just truly express how happy it made you and how great it was that she did that.

    • thanks for MH, good luck, and remember, don't overthink! It's okay to show appreciation :)

    • Yeah i get u. Thanks for help hence the mho 👊

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  • Did what she do put you on a pedestal? It's affection. It's how the person decides to take it. also don't do it to return a favour do it because you mean it.


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