Why was my first kiss, "un-magical?"

okay, so I got my first kiss a couple of weeks ago and it wasn't like, butterflies in the stomach worthy, it was just kinda like "eh" , "that was it?"

do you think this means I don't have true feelings for this guy?


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  • my first kiss wasn't all that magical either, like it doesn't really mean that you don't have true feelings for the guy. you could have jsut been caught up in the fact that its your first kiss. maybe if you FEEL like somethings missing then he just might not be the right guy, but just cause your first kiss wasn't magical doesn't mean what yall might have isn't true. plus, the real world isn't totally like the movies.

  • Normal, it doesn't have to be magical. You can just let your feelings grow. Be the girl you want to be, with the guy you want to be, it takes time for feelings to develop.

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