He brought up having kids with me? What do you think?

So I was with the guy I'm seeing tonight and we were lying on his sofa. We were talking about bringing SO's home to meet the parents. At which I added 'that mums are usually pretty overprotective of their sons and sometimes don't like the thought of other females taking the limelight'

At this point we were making out, and I said I'd be so mortified if his mum was to walk in on us kissing.

He then went to reply to what I said and quickly cut himself off. He started laughing a little, and refused to tell me what he was thinking.

Then he eventually admitted 'I'd just tell my mum that's the only way she's ever going to get grandkids' and then got extremely flustered and told me he was 'embarrassed that he'd just thought about kids' I was just like... ok 😂 And kinda laughed as he seemed overly stressed about it haha.

I went on to say 'well, maybe your mum would like me then since I want kids... but just not right now' and he then replied 'yeah I'm not ready for kids anytime soon'

It was just odd since he's told me about his mum wanting to be a Gran before. Also, he's told me he doesn't really like kids?

so I guess I'm wondering, what was that all about? 😂

  • He's thought about having kids with you.
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  • He wants kids with you.
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  • He didn't bring up having kids with *you*. He would simply use kids as an argument if his mom got upset by any of his girlfriends (you/past/future). It was just a random thought he had when he thought about what to say to his mom.

    • I get what you're saying, but he must mean what he says surely? He's not the type to lie.

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  • He wants to have a kid but its all up to you. As well he may figured out how life is short. Also he may have decided putting up with a single kid or twins maybe wouldn't be so bad.

  • I vote E:

    "How is anybody not knowing him, and your relationship with him, supposed to have got a clue?"


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  • he couldve been thinking that. The right girl can often change a guy's mind. But who am i to say.