Cuddling= just friends?

Hi all! so my situation is this:
1. i met this guy at university last semester (he had a 2 year long girlfriend at that time, but broke up with her soon after meeting me, and told me he did like three times in one night). (his break up reasons were: the relationship got boring, he now lives in another town (where we go to university) so he didn't want a long distance thing, she gained a lot of weight, let herself go, and she didn't want to sleep with him anymore.
2. we have gotten very close (friendship-wise for sure)
3. I was so convinced he liked me as more than a friend. People around me thought that we were already a couple and thought that he liked me as well.
5. i started thinking he was too shy so i started making moves. I asked him out he accepted more than positively, etc. We had movie nights together, made so many plans for the future together etc, we had so may sleep overs, lots of cuddling, and stroking and kiss on the head and head massaging etc. spooning as well, long deep talks, we talk about everything, we get on amazing, we click, same interests, etc.
I then decided to kiss him: i pecked him on the mouth, he didn't get weird after that or really reject my kiss or back off. He just didn't kiss me back. He acted totally normal after that kept texting meeting up, sleep overs cuddling movienights etc. We have gotten so close. And get on amazing. Eventually i decided to ask what was acutally going on between us becuse he would never make a move to kiss me, and i wasn't sure if he actually liked me like that. So i asked what was up, and he said he didn't know what we were, but that we were are something different, and not the normal thing, it is perfect the way it is, that he still has contact with his ex as they are friends but she still wants to meet up and stuff but he's not that into that.

He also told me he's not sure if he's sure if he wants a relationship at the moment. Aditionally, he said he slept with another girl when he was drunk at the beginning of the new semester and regretted it and that he felt terrible after that. he then apologized to me about having slept with the girl. So becuase of the unclear answer i decided to go silent for a while (4 weeks) i avoided him, stopped texing, because i was feeling slightly used or as a replacement for his ex. he would text sometimes
he would text sometimes in those weeks but i would ignore them etc. We finally met up yesterday, again, and i had took those 4 weeks to decide how i felt about him.
I am inlove with him. i want a relationship with him. Any way he apologized about the 4 weeks of no meeting up and stuff so he didn't really notice i was avoiding him. anyway we said may times that we had missed eachother and were so glad to have finally met up after so long and that he was realy busy with uni events and stuff that he


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  • I'm a cuddling-holic, a seemingly rare type of guy. However, I often here women saying that a guy who loves to cuddle is a keeper because it means he's really into you.

    I hate to be a bearer of bad news, and I might just be a very unusual anomaly, but that's not the case for me. I just love to cuddle with any girl who would let me. I'm just really into holding a girl in my arms and spooning. Maybe I didn't get enough hugs when I was a kid or something.

    However, it doesn't always mean I'm romantically into her. I'm just into cuddling. If my wife didn't get jealous, I'd be spooning with every single girl who would let me with no sexual intentions whatsoever. It doesn't necessarily mean that I want them in a romantic way, I just want to touch and hold them and have that kind of connection.

    So I just wanted to point out that there's a possibility that a guy could be totally into this kind of platonic, spooning thing without being in love or even seeking it. If he's anything like me, he sounds a bit conflicted about his own feelings at the moment and might prefer to just platonic kind of thing. He might not feel quite so sexually compatible with you but still enjoy your touch and affection.

    • I often here [hear] ...

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    • That's a good start. You can kind of set everything up for something more to happen and still let him make the first move. I'm no master of how women go about seducing men (maybe a female friend can help with that), but you might improve your odds if you do that.

    • hmm ok thanks :D

  • wait so while single, he slept with a different girl and said sorry to you for it?

    he's into you. but he wants to get into it on his terms. i think. if im single and i fuck another girl im not saying sorry to other girls who are into me, because WE HAVE NO TITLE. as i see it we are friends. he didn't freak out when you kissed him. so there that as well. give him time but dont let him forget that you are into him.

    • how do i not let him know im into him?

    • Keep contacting him, spend time with him , get close with him, cuddle kiss etc.

      Or just tell him how you feel.

      A girl who does any of those things wants to be around the guy they are doing it for. As a friend or a couple. You can tell what it is based off how far she goes.

  • Didn't read but no that indicates something more.


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