Am I being to pessimistic/realistic?

So I'm a sophomore in college and I've never had a serious relationship... I don't have any friends. My family has basically abandoned me. I'm just alone. I suffer from severe depression and have for years, and i suffer from social anxiety. I'm honestly pathetically medicated and my doctor refues to try anything new. I just got out of honestly a very petty relationship with a girl i met off of tinder and I'm back to feeling shitty and laying in bed all day. I want to meet a woman, but honestly I don't like the choices of where I could meet a woman. I could try at the college, but college girls are so damn immature and annoying or they're taken. Any park is out because there are none around here. I want to make friends, but I find men to be so ignorant and annoying that I refuse to deal with them. Clubs are out because my college has really pathetic club options. My college doesn't hold hardly any events. So I'm just out of luck i guess. Honestly right now I'm fighting the urge to find a bridge. Nothing really seems worth it anymore. And I'm not going back to therapy...


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  • I suffer from anxiety too , 3 years ago i start having panic attacs when im alone in public.
    If you want my advice is
    1 thing you can do is throw away the medication , i did a 6 mouth treatment with antidepressive medication and its a shit , it dont works , the medication just give me headaches and make me feel weak.

    The medication for depression is the biggest lie in history , i even talk with a doctor and nurse about that and she say , this medications just addict your body , they dont will solve the problem. They dont work.
    dont exist a medication that remove your depression. You want to know what i did to feel better?

    • I'm not throwing my medicine away... It's honestly the only thing that has helped me. If I quit taking my medicine I would probably end up being institutionalized because I would go back to wanting to end my life.

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    • Well, the fact is, medication helps some, and doesn't help some others.
      If you are sure it has made you feel better, don't throw it away.
      @babyfunny is right too. To many people psychoactive drugs are no help, but rather an extra burden and cause of ill-feeling.

    • please listen delta waves and read or listen in youtube Louise Hay meditation. This help me a lot.

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  • From the top of a lot experience, I offer you some advice.

    1) Don't start overnighting and getting out of the bed at midday or later. Don't ever.

    2) Consider that depression is a battle a part of your brain has started against the rest of your brain. Rein in the treasonous part, with no hesitation.
    It's about willing for it deeply, not pharmaceutical drugs: these only delay the problems.

    3) Why did your family turn its back on you? My apologies if the question is intrusive.

    4) From what you wrote, I think books can be your first good friends.
    If you do well with 1) and 2) the rest will come.
    All you need to find a woman mate is not to be shy. But that can come only after 1) and 2). First you feel sound and well, then you make the others feel well with you.

    • Honestly I've grown tired of fighting against my mind to "beat" my depression. It's never turned out very well for me. My family hated that I suffered from depression and made it worse by saying i was just making it all up and "over reacting" they were especially upset that I gave up on their religion and that's what caused them to cut contact.
      And I've tried reading, it's not enjoyable to me.

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    • I'm on a track to graduate school, so yeah I study as much as i can. I've tried blacksmithing, furniture crafting, car repair, poetry, short story writing, music production/recording, playing the guitar, bass, violin, and piano, programming, video production, photography, and even building homemade electronics. Hobbies haven't really helped me.

    • Well, at least I see you have a good sense of humour.
      That's something already ;)

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  • i dont know how your college works but maybe if you ask if you may sit down next to someone that seems nice during a lecture?
    and complimenting girls on their clothes will probably also give you plus points.
    alsoo you already had a pretty relationship as you said so there's a good chance it will happen again:)

    • Petty Not pretty. I've tried sitting next to women that look kind and social, but😅 Sadly they never want to have any type of conversation with me.

  • Killing yourself because you can't find a girlfriend is not the answer -___-

    • But honestly is there really a point to life if you can't find happiness by your own means?

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