What would you do about this date night issue?

Here's the issue. I have two kids and I live with my boyfriend. We have been together for a year and a half, moved in about six months ago.
We never get to go out on a date, so this weekend my mom volunteered to watch the kids from Sat (around 5 pm) until Sunday afternoon. We planned on going out on a date because of this on Sat night.
About a month ago we were invited to a kid's birthday party at 1 pm on the same Saturday as date night. It is the niece of my boyfriend's friend. We said yes because it sounded like a fun thing to bring the kids to.
Flash forward to about a couple of days ago. The time of the party has been moved to 4pm, just about the time the kids will be picked up by my mom - so I can't go with my kids. I will be home waiting for my mom.
My boyfriend wants to go to the party without me and stay for several hours. Then according to him I can just wait at home for my mom to pick up the kids and then wait until he decided to come home so we can go on the date that we get to go on about every 3 months.
Am I wrong to be mad at him? I feel he's being selfish.


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  • From his POV, this kind of birthday party might be a once-in-a-lifetime kind of opportunity which was rescheduled for reasons out of his control. Just kind of pointing out that possibility even though his actions seem a bit insensitive.

    I'd suggest trying to talk to him about this -- not confrontational. Snuggle up next to him and gently talk about it with a light tone, maybe almost teasing and joking that it pisses you off (but letting him know there's a ring of truth). This can solve lots of relationship problems -- I've rarely found it to fail.


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  • I would be mad to. I think time to connect as a couple is very important.


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  • it seems reasonable to be like that and i have not heard what he as decided to do as part of this deal since you have to stay home and wait for you mom. dont party even if its a kid thing involve both of you going?

    i know in some cases one goes and one stays home but thats when your for sure you not doing anything and are just tired and need some rest or something. i know my mom and dad before he passed away always did that he had a thing about crowds so he stayed home and mom respected that.

  • A friends niece?

    Wring his neck.


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