Any nickname ideas?

Hey so I'm looking for any nicknames you've called your boyfriend or girlfriend as well as any suggestions you have for someone to call their boyfriend or girlfriend

i have a boyfriend right now and have no ideas for nicknames, please help


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  • Here's something not to call him. Jackass

    True story, this chick that was irritating as fuck and was obsessed with me started dating this guy named Jack. Ever since the first day they started, she has been posting on social media with him and calling him "jackass". Now how stupid is that!!! (I'm not joking this actually happened)

    Anyways about nicknames, I would use his name as the base and try to find nicknames for that. If not something that has to do with his personality/behavior or looks and that only he would understand. Let's say he is serious about the gym u could call him "muscle man" (now that's probably really bad but u get where I'm going with this right? I don't know the guy so I can't come up with a unique nickname for him in particular, u can make it kinda cheesy/funny) don't use it all the time though! Then it may get annoying and won't mean as much
    best of luck 😎

    • Jackass is a pretty bad one XD

      And if I tell you some stuff about him could you help me come out with a good nickname for him?

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    • Hey, I will see what I can come up with.
      (I had surgery for my broken nose yesterday so I never had time for all this, I didn't just ditch you or anything in case that's what ya thought)

    • No it's alright, I don't mind waiting, and I hope you're doing ok

  • What is his real name? I might have some ideas that base off his real name, those can be fun

    • His name is hunter, I don't know what I could do for that but I'd love to hear suggestions

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