Should I ask for her facebook/email or her phone number?

I've been speaking to this person on POF these past couple of days and we seem to be speaking to each other quite well. We usually message later throughout the day because I get off from work late and she gets off work around that time too. Which step should I make first though?
Phone or facebook?


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  • Off POF probably Facebook. Any other time this wouldn't be the right call but you're internet dating anyway so...

    Try the feature they offer that lets you internet call. The women has to call you if I recall correctly.

    • Well, she lives here in my city not too far from my side of town. I'm just curious.

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  • I think phone first.
    I think it's more appropriate to ask for FB AFTER you both meet in person and if you both get along well, etc.
    Just my 2 cents.

    • I do acknowledge that some people have a problem with giving their phone numbers out on social media, but I guess the best I can do is just try it out and see for myself, right?

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    • Good luck!

    • Thanks ^-^

  • POF?

    • I believe that stands for Plenty of Fish. It's a dating website.

    • Plenty Of Fish is a dating app.

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