He likes tickling me to "lower my inhibitions"?

So I'm a very shy/quiet person and I recently started dating a guy who is very patient, charming, a great listener, and very attractive. We tell each other everything and have already shared extremely personal details about our lives. He is the most person I trust in my life right after my sister and my parents. I'm starting to notice that aside from a few common interests we have totally different approaches to life. I'm just more reserved and don't generally initiate conversations unless people approach me whereas he can literally walk over to anyone and win them over in a split second. A few days ago when we were watching TV together and I wouldn't give him the remote he playfully started tickling me and I honestly lost it lol :) I'm very ticklish and so I was squirming, shrieking and flailing all over the place and he just seemed very amused by it. He said something along the lines of "I've never seen you so free before ahahah. It's honestly hilarious!" He continued finding all my tickle spots and didn't stop until I was nearly dying of laughter. There was accidental touching (I know he didn't do it on purpose because he's too much of a gentleman for that) but it definitely brought us together because the touch barrier was crossed and the awkwardness disappeared almost entirely afterwards. Why did he seem to love it when I acted like a total idiot being tickled? LOL :) I half brought it up later that day and he said it was because it completely "lowered my inhibitions." What do you guys think? What's the appeal in tickling girls? I honestly don't get it because at times it can be unbearable lol :) Thanks!


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  • He was glad to have met the real you, that great person that hides behind her defenses


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