Do I need a boyfriend?

Recently I've started to become distant around my family. Not because I hate them or anything but simply because they have all been bothering me about having a boyfriend. I had my first and last boyfriend at 16 and that lasted for 8 months now i'm 18 turning 19 in a couple months. You see, i like being single and alone and most of my happiness comes from simple things like hanging out with my friends and just staying in and watching a good movie but my family, especially my sisters believe that i need a boyfriend and I'm not truly happy and to top it all off they believe that i'm either a lesbian or a man hater or any other reason they can cook up in their heads. I've explained to them countless amount of times why i don't want a boyfriend at the moment but they still insist on me getting one. I've become very disappointed in the way my sisters think and i'm sort of avoiding them. You see, i've had a few crushes here and there but there haven't quite been anyone to really make me look twice and i don't want the typical date and breakup relationship and rn all i'm focusing on is university and graduating. My sisters have the typical dream of becoming wifes with 3 kids in a nice house and all of that but i don't really care about that because honestly i just don't think about stuff like that and that's another thing they pest me about. They believe i'm going to end up alone for the rest of my life and often times make me feel bad about it. Does anyone have any advise they wanna give because it's really starting to get to me. Why is it so hard for them to believe i don't want to be in a relationship?


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  • You don't need a boyfriend. My parents are the same exact way, they have thought that I might be gay, they think that I'm lonely, and bother me all the time about needing to have a girlfriend. They are all like "When I was your age I had your mom/dad as my bf/gf" They want me to start thinking about kids already and I'm like "nahhh I'm happy with my life right now." I'm 19 by the way. And like you I don't want the typical date and breakup relationship I want to really love the person I am with. We are 100% the same! XD How old we were when we last had a relationship, how long it was, family, etc. You aren't alone in this situation! You just be you and don't worry so much on what your family thinks, you are yourself and you decide your own future, not them! Reply if I was helpful?

    • Yes good to know i'm not alone and that i might have a long lost twin lol. Wish more people could understand that it's not impossible

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    • Lol my bad got into it for a moment.
      So yes definitely like telling paint to dry faster. Was that okay?

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  • No, no one "needs" a partner. If you find fulfillment and happiness through other means then be happy with that and don't let other people tell you you need a partner to be "happier" or for fulfillment. Some of us enjoy solitude and are introverts, therefore we don't need relationships or constant social interaction to be happy. They are projecting what they feel they need, onto you, and saying you need that, but you don't.

    • Thank you so much for this

    • Happy to help. Just turn it back on them and say if they feel they need it that's fine, however your needs are not the same.

    • Ha I'll use that but doubt it would have a ounce of effect on them. What you said about them projecting what they feel they need onto me definitely makes sense