Need honest advice on the situation and her, help?

I have been crushing hard on her for some time now. We got close, as friends, and then it started going a little more. However, she purposely ignores me, and then talks to me all the time. Its very on and off, and there are times I am just clueless. She always flaunts herself online (teasing herself), and adding people to add her etc etc (sort of a player but not really). She however, never does anything more than just flaunt herself (never dates these people). Eventually she asked if she could come over, I said yeah, and that we could watch this movie (scary), she seems totally on board, and now we plan to do it next week (set day and time). However, again, she still flaunts herself, asks people to add her, and ignores me randomly at times. At this point, I'm treating her coming over as just a friend, but what would you say about her and the whole situation?

*To Note: Since I am crushing on her hard, I feel jealous when she flaunts herself, adds other guys and so on (its her choice, she's not dating me, I get that. She knows it makes me jealous though)


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  • She likes attention and social interaction with many people.


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