If you like someone for a long time, do you need to ask them for permission to be your girlfriend or boyfriend?


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  • what are you going to do otherwise? just act like they are already without saying anything?

    • I do not thought for a second someone needs to acknowledge it if they are in love or want to spend more time. Action speaks louder than words.

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    • if you were casually dating , there would be confusion, things are uncertain but if a couple already happy together shouldn't have to ask one another : do you want to be my girlfriend or bf? Sounds like high school

    • i just tell them i love them and they belong to me now.

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  • Well... what if they don't have the same feelings as you do?

    It's not neccessary a permission... but rather, it's a discussion. That's what relationships are about. Don't assume body language works, because it never always does. Everybody needs to be told how that person feels about them. Your job is to be forgiving, because they may just like you as a friend and they love you too. Just not in a relationship way, because that sometimes happens. If they do want a relationship with you, that's great! But always talk, don't assume.

    • Im talking about the question asked. Do people really ask for permission when they feel already in love?