Does my crush like me back?

Hey, so I have a crush on this guy, he is one year older than me (he is 16) and I don't know if he likes me back... We met at school two years ago and we haven't spoken to each other last year, but this year he gave me a text like 3 months ago and we started talking on whatsapp and so we got to know each other. At school we didn't really talked but he sometimes starres at me for like 2 minutes or so and every time I look at him he pretends to be looking at something else. Also, a month ago we had a fight and he came to apologize to me and he really tried to make me forgive him, and all the times I am sad he asks me what's wrong and when we talk face to face or when I sit near him he put a his head on my shoulder... Anyways, a few weeks ago we had to choose a partner for a project and I ended up doing the project with him so we had to meet up to do it... and 4 days ago we met up and started the project and I think we talked for like 4 or 5 hours instead of doing our homework and I think we literally talked about every moment of our lives and he asked me many times if I had a crush and I tried not to answer and after a while he got closer to me and held my hand and hugged me. When he had to leave like 5 minutes before, he kissed me and I freaked out a little so he told me it's okay and left, oh and when we were talking I told him I wanted to go and he asked me to stay and he literally told me this: "Please don't leave because I want you to stay here with me, I want to stay here just with you" ... and after we both went home (we met at a café), later that day he called me and asked me what I was up to and if I wanted to see him again this summer, but he also told me he doesn't like me and that we are just best friends, so I asked him about the kiss and he told he just had to do that, because he felt so... now we talked on whatsapp, but we haven't seen each other since that day. What do you think, ddoes he like me back?


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  • He likes you back!:3