Good questions to ask a guy?

Good questions to ask a guy your in a relationship with. Maybe to spice things up. Just any questions you have in mind.


What Guys Said 1

  • 1. How big is your dick?
    - seriously that question opens up to a lot.

    2. Would you ever cheat on me?
    - you should not have to worry.

    3. Are you afraid of kissing me?
    - it's a tough thing to do.


What Girls Said 1

  • Opinion on abortion/birth control.
    Favorite places to travel to.
    Ideal home setting/location.
    Political views.
    Views on casual sexism/racism.

    Oh, did you mean spice things up like in the bedroom?

    • Well, not really in the bedroom we live sat away from each other. But, I guess some what of dirty questions. But, like not too dirty lol

    • Not too dirty? Boring...

    • @mghowmasculinist well, tell me some dirty questions.