40 M single. Girls, how ugly am I honestly? Just be brutally honest, what's turning women off?

I'm 40, incel and i can't get a woman attracted to me. It's obvious that i'm not hot enough, i just need to know what my worse fixtures are and if i can fix them. im tired of being lied to, that everything is ok, thing is its not ok. What am i lacking, am i just plain ugly? No sex appeal? What can i change?

Dont tell me its confidence or to talk women my age, they tell me i have the face of a 20 y/o kid and are not interested, young women tell me i look like an old man. I n. eed to know please, im losing hope. If i knew what's wrong i could change it or try at least. Something is turning these women off, i dont know if its the bald head, my face thats not attractive enough... just pls do it for once!

photobucket. com/user/Picollo30/library --> just join the photobucket with the dot

i knew it. no women opinions shows just how irrelevant i am.


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  • It's not your appearance. You look fine. Besides, plenty of superficially unattractive men are able to attract a woman. There's something about your approach or your lifestyle that is is turning them off. Perhaps you seem desperate, so anxious to be in a relationship that you are unable to focus on a woman as an individual. If you have any female friends that know you well, maybe you could ask one of them.


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  • Pretty nice looking. I dont really see getting girls as a problem you would face.

    The only thing I can see getting in your way is your personality and/or self esteem.


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  • Dude you're handsome no homo you should have no issues looks wise.
    It is most likely your approach.

    • that's not what women think. I'm sure no woman will come here to tell me what it is, or that's a confidence issue, when they know its not.

    • I have no reason to lie to you. I've seen guys that look just like you get plenty of girls.
      It's all in your head.
      I'm no pro when it comes to approaching mostly because I have low confidence and I don't work out as often as I should but what I've noticed is all it takes is a well placed phrase in the beginning and to be able to carry the conversation. So long as she's single and interested in you, you'll be fine.