Why would a guy stop talking to a girl out of nowhere without a reason?

i was talking to a guy for a little over a month. he's 23 im 24 he introduced me to his family and he would always ask me to come over and would want to spend time together all the time he even asked to meet my daughter. i never introduce any of my boyfriends to my daughter he was the first one. anyway one day we had an argument and after that he just never replied or answered my calls just told me to leave him alone didn't even give me a reason.


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  • I will want to know what caused the argument to know the reason that he stopped talking to you. There's way too many reasons, maybe he feels like he made a wrong decision to be with you, maybe he got bored, maybe just simply losing interest. What hurts a man the most is someone hurt his pride and ego. So if the argument broke down his pride, yes he would probably disappear for awhile or even disappear forever depends his personality and the relationship between you and him.

    • we went out with friends and he kinda had too much to drink and blackd out & fell. my friends laughed at the time and he got embarrrased. before we argued i brought up my friends saying if he didn't like them cus of that he said he didn't wan to talk about it and i still continued to bring it up and told him to get over it and just laugh it out.

    • Then I will say both of you were not being supportive enough. You shouldn't bring it up again if he was mad over it already and being drunk and teased by his guys friends is an insult for him and he didn't feel like you understand it but standing by his friends. And he should not just ignore you by blocking you and this is immature, a healthy relationship is not like that. Give it a time frame like 3 days or so, if he still doesn't unblock you or you still wouldn't find a way to talk to him, this relationship should not be continued coz it's unhealthy.

  • So it's not out of nowhere... Maybe you said something that got under his skin. Don't chase after him, if he needs space give it to him. You can always text him saying that you're sorry if you said something that hurted him and you'll be ready to talk whenever he is.

    • i already apologized and he ignored me... and i got upset because he didn't reply so i kinda went off at him. :(

    • Oh girl I can understand that it drives you crazy! But don't show it like that, give him the space for real. Let him miss you a little bit... Good luck :)

    • thank you, ill try in a few weeks.

  • Cause he's boring with you and your conversation doesn't interess him anymroe

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