What did my best friend mean by these texts?

Quick back story:
she's 19 im 21
-Recently confessed to my best friend that i liked her, she keeps saying "i dont know" over and OVER to the idea of us dating.
-Finally I confront her and ask for an honest opinion and i promised her we'd still be friends and nothing would be awkward between us, she said again "im sorry but im being honest when i say that i dont know" so i guess i just have to believe her.
-Shes technically not rejecting me but also not accepting me? weird?
-time goes by and I don't know what to do, i tell her its hard to be friends with her because i dont know what she's doing in regards to other people (she's bi). i might be overly paranoid and that kinda leads to the whole me telling her "its too hard to be friends"

here's some of the texts she sent me. these are not back to back texts
1- Me: its hard hanging with someone you really like while she sits there and texts someone that she likes (she was texting this girl she mentioned was flirting with her, i have no idea if my friend was flirting back actually or what is going on)
Her: I wish I could enable myself to regret. If I could I would regret telling you anything.

2- Me: you're a big part of my life and i want you to stay so bad. if i stay friends im gonna watch you date or do whatever with other people and its gonna kill me inside. is that what you want? i can't kill my feelings for you magically
Her: Well, if we were ever friends there would be a way to work that out but clearly haha

Thats all, just those 2 texts im having trouble understanding what she means. Thank you all so much, this means a lot to me


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  • She doesn't sound interested at all and from those texts she doesn't sound very considerate or nice either tbh - not trying to be mean, just trying to help. I'm not saying she should go out with you but she also shouldn't purposely sit texting someone next to you and then say she basically doesn't regret it/isn't sorry.

    Answer mine? (Pm since it's closed - see especially the thread with Johndoe). Don't worry about it if you have no time.

  • She doesn't like you. She considers you a friend. Move on.


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  • You're act emotional, aka like a woman. You asked her out and she said no, so stop talking to her and go date other women. The more you talk about it with her the more it makes you look weak and pathetic.