Ideas for going out on first date?

Yes I've been out on first dates before but never in adulthood. Usually it was to the movies where i couldn't talk nor see their face because the room was dark. I am thinking a hike along the beach or forest. I wanna avoid touristy areas because IT SUCKS so much D to have to kick the living hell out of people just to get on a ride. Think california bay area... ideas? Straight simple dinner at some cheap boardwalk place?


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  • There are so many things you can do which are cheap and easy. A picnic is a great idea. You can either go together to a grocery store and select things you want to have on the picnic or you could do some planning ahead of time and have the picnic set up for her when she gets there or you both could make food ahead and bring it.

    The beauty of going to the grocery store together is you can really get to know her well by asking questions about what she is selecting and why.

    Another date idea is an outdoor movie. Have a projector or a friend with a projector? Borrow it and set up your laptop with a good movie. Get some candles, some snacks and voila! Movie night under the stars.

    Hiking is a great date as well. Find a really cool spot that most people don't know about and wow her.

    Check out a festival or farmers market. Go out for ice cream, and a walk by the beach.

    Good luck! :)


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