Guys, Sending sexy/naked photos at work?

My guy has suggested a few times that he'd love to recieve sexy/provocative/nude photos of me during the day while he's at work. I want to cause I think it's a turn on but wouldn't it be distracting or considered trashy while he's at work? why would you want it at work?


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  • Would be hot. Try to send it early in the morning, during lunch, or later in the day. You don't want that photo popping up on a sneak preview during a meeting.

    • Thanks, he sneak preview is on private so only "names" show up and not the message. Can you explain further why it's so hot during workday as opposed to late at night when he's lying in bed?

    • Equal hotness.
      An unexpected sexy pic, is like when he shows up with flowers and stuff for no reason.
      It means you're thinking of him when he's not there.

  • Yeah, as a mid-level manager, I disapprove.

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