Do all girls reject smaller you know whats. I'm 28 and still a virgin. I'm always told I'm good looking but getting undressed always ends the same?


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  • I hope women aren't that shallow. After all if you really are small. It not's the size, it's how you use it. Plus there's always your hands/fingers and tongue. A girl can get off just from foreplay.


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  • It's one thing if you're going out to lose your virginity through a one night stand. It's another thing when you've had a relationship with them and it got heated to the point where you're naked and about to have sex.

    In the first case, this woman is merely attracted to you for your looks, not for the whole package. So there's a chance that she will reject you if you're smaller.

    In the second case, this woman is both attracted to you for everything, your body, your heart, your mind. She's attracted to the whole you. At that point, size really doesn't matter if she has accepted you and has a liking for you. If she did, she'd lose a good man.

  • Wait -- lemme get this straight. You get a girl into the bedroom -- kissing, all passionate, in the mood, and then as you proceed to undress, the girl rejects you after seeing what you're packing?

    Did I understand that correctly?

    • That's what I got from it too. Hopefully more to it then that. Hopefully other women aren't that shallow.

    • @lovestruckangel That's pretty much correct.

    • Wow, I thought the dick size issue was mostly either just male paranoia/ego from those who never had a chance to get laid or poor sexual performance for those who have (and there are ways to satisfy a woman regardless).

      Where are you finding these girls? Are you picking them up from a night club and going back to your place immediately after? Perhaps you should either change where you're looking for women or try dating them for a longer period before you hit the bedroom.