You are out with friends and they ask your partner if your looks attracted them to you?

So your partner / boyfriend / girlfriend and some friends are having lunch and one of then asks your partner if it was your looks that attracted them to you. Your other then says that they were not attracted to your looks but to your personality. They then ask them if you look sexy, cute etc and they say that you are not the best looking person in the world and would prefer a better looking person but they might not have the personality of you and that they like you.

How would you react to that statement?


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  • I would say so you think I'm ugly! Then cuss him out lol

    • He would reply that you are not ugly but average. and if you asked him if you were were cute he would say there are cuter girls out there but he would have to dump you and take the risk which he says is not worth the risk

    • I think there's a better way of saying that cause it seem really rude. But then again he's saying that hurtful shit but complementing you at the same time so I don't know

  • I would be a bit flattered.


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