Are you able to turn your feelings for a person "off" like a light switch?

Are you able to turn your feelings for a person

Hypothetically... let's use a situation between 2 people who truly like each other & like spending time together. Not a friends with benefits, a "best friend you suddenly fell for" or whatever other label is out there.

They want a commitment of some sort, you do not (for whatever reason). It comes make or break time and you decide to break. There is no animosity regarding the break.

Can you just "decide" you don't have feelings anymore or do you just bite the bullet because you know it can't work out and you suffer as well?

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  • there are some people i had really strong feelings for, then something would happen and id see a side to them that id find SO unattractive, and my feelings would almost completely disappear. with others it was more eventual, after one thing and another and another piling up.

    so yes I'm capable of turning 'off' my feelings, but it just happens, i dont make that decision.


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  • It's mostly done subconsciously. I wish that I could change that side of myself, but I really can't. I have little regard for other people's feelings, but I try hard to make them like me and help them feel good about themselves, though I don't really care. When they've stepped over a certain boundary, I lose all feelings towards them and shut them out. I don't really know why I do this. I'm actually very forgiving. But it's almost impossible for me to regain any feelings I had for that person.

  • Sometimes depends on who it is and what that person meant to me.