Should I give up and cope with the fact that i'm ugly and women won't accept me the way I am?

I'm 40 years old, i'm a virgin and i can't find a girlfriend or woman that shows interest in me. I notice that women are cold towards me and it seems they hate me and lack respect for some reason and they just want me to disappear, while in the presence of other guys they are all giggles and smiles.

My belief is i'm just not boyfriend material, maybe i'm repulsive to look at, maybe my bald head and facial structure is just totally wrong.

I feel happy for them and at the same time really low when i see that my old friends have g/fs and some are married with kids and have moved on with their lives and i feel so empty inside knowing that i never had a chance and probably never will. Its just natural selection and must suck it up. Is this all there is to it?

Should i consider the fact that never being a father, never having the love of a woman as a normal thing? That it can happen and live with that reality?

One thing i notice is that older woman in my age group 35-45 dont like me because i look younger (they would say in my 20s) and younger women would say i look too old. I think those are just excuses, a nice way to tell me im not their type or i'm not attractive. Maybe i have a "nice guy" face they dont like?

Should I give up and cope with the fact that i'm ugly and women won't accept me the way I am?

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  • Your personality is not interesting at all

    • why would you say that?

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    • i dont see the problem in doing it. it would be helpful for me to improve. but ok no problem, i respect your decision.

    • Ask the guys

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  • i'm surprised you would admit this at your age

    • i dont really care anymore. I'm a loser by telling the truth, i'm a loser by not telling it. Just wanted to know the reason why this happened to me as i consider myself a normal guy.

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    • I assume most of those people that are like that are guys

    • Most people who surpass their mid-20's and are still a virgin or never had a relationship before, it seems they are guys instead of women

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  • Um, you're actually pretty attractive. I don't know if those are your real pictures though. I'd definitely approach a man that looks like you, and yes, I'm not afraid to approach men.

    • yes its me. i have no need at my age to fake anything. I guess i have the "luck" at age 40 to maintain a somewhat younger face but i lost my hair at 30/31 so its even.

      I have more pics (even old ones) at photobucket. com/user/Picollo30/library/? sort=3&page=1 , so you can see im not lying.

      One thing i haven't mentioned and that made me think (abundantlyrich said i had no social skills) is that in my adolescence i was victim of intense bullying specially from females because i had big ears. Got them pinned back when i was 28, but that terrible experience / experiences stayed till this day and maybe it affected my social skills and interaction with women.

    • You're not ugly. I'd say it is your lack of social skills

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  • You're not ugly.
    So you must be pretty bad with women, and maybe with people in general. I would see a therapist and probably get a prostitute.

  • Man don't be that negative
    You are more more handsome than me
    And I can get laid if I wanna , I refuse it for personal reasons
    The thing is I don't consider myself just a look

    • How can't i be? im stucked in a limbo. Nothing really ever changes, and believe me i tried everything. I just keep getting rejected.

    • I dunno where you live
      But most of women above 28 just wanna fuck

    • I'm from Portugal, Oporto.