Does a bartender like me?

Hi, just curious if you can tell if a bartender likes you or not. I stopped at this place at random as it's a bar and grill on the way home from work. I go there by myself most the time, first time she wasn't there. Second time she was. She was cute, couldn't help but look, made eye contact a few times and she held it, definitely could tell that. But it was busy, so just didn't want to bother her. She wasn't my bartender, but she would make it a point to come over at random and ask if I would like another drink, which she didn't seem to do for anyone else. I mark it up as she just was being a bartender. Second time I go out again, this time there is a group of guys really trying to hit on here that was next to me. They were talking with her, but I did notice when she was talking she was looking over at me to see if I was paying attention or not. Then the night was getting calmer, I was just finishing my drink and we were talking, not only her but my bartender too. But the song Rhinna "this is what you came for.." came on and she was singing the part about everybody was watching her, but she was looking at you. Would you as a woman look at a man and sing that if you weren't interested? I hate trying to figure out bartenders.

I guess I wan't tipping her but Jarrod. I will play this one like I did the last bartender, go there to enjoy myself and hope to see her out on her night off. If she follows me, then I'm in.


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  • It's possible but keep in mind these women pretty much get paid to lure men in.
    It's how they get extra tips, raises, and recognition for their "great services".

  • Given that she's in the service industry, I'm going to say no. Making men think she's interested in them is how she makes her best tips.


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