I invited this girl to an amusement park, but she's bringing her little sister?

I'm 16 and so is this girl I have a crush on. She's really popular cause she's really smart and pretty. Pretty much every guy likes her. I finally maned up and talked to her. She's really nice so we became somewhat friends. We were talking about this amusement park near us one day and I told her I worked there. She thought that was cool. This past Thursday I asked her if she wanted to go to the park with me. SHE SAID YES lol. So I was happy that maybe this could be a date (It would be my first date ever), but yesterday she changed my mind completely. She said she couldn't wait to go to the park, then she said "Can I bring my sister?". She has an 8 year old sister. I said sure. I tried to act like it wasn't a problem. Is it safe to say she's gonna friend zone me? I really wanted it to be like a date, but since her sister is coming it's gonna feel like more of a friend thing. I was excited cause I thought this might finally be my chance to get a girlfriend. Her and this other guy talk a lot also so I'm scared she likes him more than me. What do you all think? We're going this Saturday. Thanks


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  • sometimes if girls are nervous of being alone with someone (maybe if they like them say) they will bring someone with them to make it less awkward for themselves. Someone familiar means less awkward silences


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  • Odds are she asked if she can go to an amusement park and her parents told her she had to bring her sister. Go anyways, and then bring it up to her.


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  • Cancel. Make something up if you want, or just tell her outright that you changed your mind.

    You're being played for a sucker.

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