Anyone else who is not afraid of rejection but of her saying yes?

It might sound weird, but I couldn't care less about rejection. I have just never experienced what comes next, so I wouldn't know what to do.


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  • I totally get that. Like, all my life I've been single with not one guy that ever wanted me. I reeeally wanted a boyfriend and now that I talk to a guy that I really like I'm terrified of so many things: having someone wanting you, sex and the everyday intimacy that is normal in a relationship but that I have no experience of. So I get you. It gets better if you just breathe and take small steps :)


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  • Good question.. but in my opinion... tbh Jesus... be happy, hug her, give her your ### I don't know so maybe she can contact you, say you'll text her or call her or what not, make arrangements etc.

  • Go to the other side of fear my friend, it's pretty much always worth it! It's like being afaid of winning. Because when you win, you get to a new level, and new challenges arise. Good luck, go for it, and learn new stuff about youself and women along the way. :-)


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  • I never thought that far ahead to be afraid of a "yes".

    That said, first dates are a terrifying experience.

    I recommend an activity setting more than a conversation setting. For example, do ice skating together or bungee jump together or amusement park or something like that.

    That's physical and fun and you don't have to exercise smooth talking skills every minute in the early stage of the date. Don't rush to dinner or coffee or it can get really awkward without that kind of icebreaker first.

    And avoid films like the plague for the early dating process. It ends up just being you two sitting there and watching the screen, and you haven't established enough of a bond yet to even know if you can put your arm around her.

    • Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

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