Was he being serious about moving in together?

Recently a guy (Ryan) and I have hit things off pretty well together. We're currently seeing each other at the minute (very regularly might I add) and we seem to get on wonderfully together.

He's cooked me breakfast in bed at his house, he's tucked me in when I fell asleep and got cold, he looked after me this morning when I felt kinda sick and bought me a flower to wear in my hair on our first date. So, overall, he's been very sweet.

Anyway, last night he was telling about his last ex who had hinted at buying a house closer to where he lived... with the intention of them moving in together. He had told me how he wasn't up for this at all and quickly put things to an end.

However, tonight, I was joking with him and said 'don't worry, it's not like I'm gonna ask you to buy a house with me next week' and all he said was 'good'.

But 2 seconds later, he asked me 'how do you fancy living in *insert town here*?' I was then like 'are you joking?' However I get the feeling he was semi-serious. And he even showed me a picture of the house he wanted to buy. I joked about beating him to it and buying the house for myself.

He then said 'you had better not move into that house before me, especially not with a guy who isn't me!'

So, yeah, what do you think?

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  • I think future wise he could see you and him being in that house together. I think part of him was serious to about it. And that he wasn't fully joking about it.


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  • I don't think that he was like "let's move in together right now!" but I don't think he's wholly opposed to the idea either.

  • Maybe you live too far now and the drive is too much for him

    I honestly think you're trying to read meaning into noting because you want to believe it. But it's all in your head.