How would you react? I'm in shock?

My boyfriend and I were at a party the other day and obviously drinking was involved. I had to go to the bathroom and he stayed talking with people. The party apparently ended while I was in the bathroom so he came over to wait for me. I heard laughing of a girl outside the room and then as I came out she was trying to take of the glow sticks he had around his neck and somehow she pulled his shirt off. I was standing there so confused on what was happening but I just blew it off. After that he went to the bathroom and I went to go wait for him outside. He was taking quite a while so I came back in to see if he was ok. I saw the same girl taking a body shot off of my boyfriend then started kissing him afterwards. I went up to him and said 'how the fuck could you do this to me" and I called her a hoe or slut I don't totally remember then I left. I haven't spoke to him since. but now i feel like I over-reacted and was really mean to them. I miss him.


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  • You should respect yourself more than to take him back.

    • I do respect myself. i never said I took him back. All I said was that I miss him

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  • You didn't overreact, he cheated on you.
    He had no regards for you what so ever.
    He should be calling you to apologize.
    The fact that he hasn't even tried to contact you says a lot.
    Drunk isn't a reason.

    • He has tried to call me several times since this I just didn't answer/return any of them. sorry I forgot to add that

    • It's okay. He still cheated on you. You didn't over react at all.

      Are you consider taking him back?
      If you forgive him that easily he may not take you seriously at all in the future.

    • No I don't want to take him back after his actions but I do miss him

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  • You miss him lol? He hasn't even bothered to contact you and you still miss him? Well dayum if this guy's game isn't on point.

    • he has called me several times since then I forgot to add that. sorry

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  • It's hard for me to respond to this because this is why I don't like to drink: you do stupid things you regret.

    It's up to you if you want to dismiss this behavior or not "since he was drunk", but I'd hold my standards a little bit higher, honey...

    • I'm not dismissing his behavior I know what he did was wrong but I feel really mean for blowing up at them both. I don't want to take him back after that but I did miss him, or maybe I miss his attention.

    • You could apologize for blowing up if you want, but that does not mean you are obligated to take him back... And honestly, speaking from experience, this will not be the only time he hurts you...

    • You can do better :/

  • Yeah, u were mean to him. U should have offered him a condom to have safe sex with that girl. I just don't understand some of u people. I actually don't blame your boyfriend, he knows he can get away with it. ''She was kissing him''
    yeah, keep telling yourself that.

    • thanks for your advice (;

  • So he was kissing another girl at a party you were both at? Fuck that.