What should I do?

I have been cheated on but my girlfriend loves me and has made the point that she is sorry and she won't do it again but I feel like she will do it again. How do you really know?


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  • I don't think you really can ever "know"—that is why it's called trust.

    If she is sincere, she will be compliant whenever you need reassurance. Like if you ask about a guy she is texting, if she refuses to give him up for your relationship's sake, there is a problem.

    It really comes down to this question: how much is she willing to lay down for you two? Honestly, I cheated on a guy once, and I was genuinely repentant, so I completely stopped dating and resolved my own issues before allowing myself to date again.

    Are you worth the work?

  • She will.
    A cheater is a cheater is a cheater.

    Thats a good thing to always remember. Respect yourself, get away from anyone qho thinks its okay to treat you that way.


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