How to win a ex girlfriend back when she just want to be friends?

Broke up about 4 month ago because she thinks im not sexually attracted to her. I was Blocked for a month then she unblocked me. I recently started to make contact with her and I told her i missed her etc.. and ask if we can start talking and she said we can definitely be friends.


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  • Have you read about the experiment that made two people fall in love? It was a successful lab experiment.

    • No how will that help me?

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    • And how would or what would I say to get my ex girlfriend to do this?@watercolor_lions or any one else?

    • You don't have to do it step for step. Just be real, ask questions, make eye contact. If you try to do it like the experiment, they'll think you're crazy. But the guys are right: backing away and dating other chicks might be the best option. Prove you'll survive without her.

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  • Don't do all the I miss you stuff, let her come back on her own. She left you, not the other way around. Just start dating and let her see that you can be without her, if she has any interest at all she will come back on her own.

  • I'm not sure what to say , have you considered trying to date other people? mean you did break up with her 4 months ago. just cause she agreed or is claiming to want to still be friends doesn't mean she wants to date again , just not sure where I see the potential in this relationship?

    • I did try dating other people, but I still want to date her. Any advice?

    • sometimes you just have to move on and see what else is out there

    • I know I'm trying too. Thanks