Older men/younger women?

I have always dated women much younger than I am. Been like this my entire life and I don't go looking for it. I meet women half my age all the time and it's very easy to do. What is it that younger women like about older men? No, it's not money. I am not wealthy.


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  • I made a take on this.
    I like a older man's confidence.
    Although I must say, I feel more comfortable with older men that don't look like they could be my Father.
    Those that do, I like to allow our relationship to be a dirty little secret lol.
    I feel odd giving public affection because of the stares and people thinking im a sugar baby.
    (Believe me that happens)---especially with how sexy I dress at times!

    • The only ones who have ever given me dirty looks when I was with a younger woman were women the same age as I. They did not like it at all.

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    • Thanks Stacyzee. That article really answered some basic questions. I appreciate your candidness and honesty. I can say for one thing that at this point in my life, I have no problem approaching women I want to talk to. When I was younger, it was not as easy so I guess confidence and gracefulness does come with age. I also like women closer to my age but they are not as easy to meet for some reason. Age should not really be an issue. As the article you posted says, confidence is not restricted to age. Thanks again!

    • No problem <3

  • Daddy issues bro

  • Why dont you ask them

    • That would be a little gauche. Can you imagine? "Why do you like older guys like me?" First of all, most younger women get offended when you remind them that they are younger. They get the impression that you are calling them immature or something. They don't want to be reminded. They want to feel as if they are just a woman, not a "younger" woman.

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    • Yeah. It definitely is.

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