I wanna go to a stripclub or an escort so I can feel more accepted by women?

Im 21 black male never had a girlfriend never had sex never been on a date never had anything from women at all. I feel like im ugly and unattractive to girls and that's why they don't want me. Im not fat im slim average shaped body and kinda lightskin. When im out and im around girls they never check me out and I feel like im a ghost to women. I used to approach women but I stopped because of the constant rejections and also im a bit too nervous to approach girls cause I always feel awkward and tongue tied and don't know what to say. When I go out I see couples everyday and it makes me feel sad and depressed cause I feel like I will never be able to get a girlfriend ever and im just not good enough. Sometimes I feel like I was born for girls not to like me and im just a nobody to women. I barely have any friends male or female. I haven't spoken to any girls for a very long time I feel like I will be single for the rest of my life with no one. I wish I could just go to a stripclub or an escort not just for sex but at least for companionship cause I feel like that's the only way I will be able to get accepted by women is if I payed a woman to give me time of day. I don't want to have to resort to this but I feel like its the only way. Women just don't want anything to do with me and I feel like im nothing but a piece of shit to women. When im at work or wherever I am girls never seem to notice me at all and im too nervous and shy to approach them cause I already know they gonna reject me like every other girl has done. I feel like there is no hope out there for me and I will most likely die a virgin. My life is full of shit


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  • You'll find her. You're probably one of a kind. So chances are you'll rarely find a woman right for you, because the woman that is right for you is one of kind as well. And you need someone different than most girls. Just like how you seem like you'd be different from most guys.


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  • Don't go to strip clubs for this purpose. Strip clubs are total fantasy land, the women are not going to be into you at all. They're only going to be into any green you flash.

    Escort/hooker might be a legit desperate move if you absolutely can't get laid anywhere else. Losing the virginity will definitely kind of get you out of that mental rut.

    Night clubs and bars are probably the best place to hone your skills. Night clubs tend to be easier if you're socially awkward initially since you can dance and join in.

    Mostly I think you need some liquid courage just as training wheels initially to get over this whole kind of ultra-negative image you've developed as a result of not having successfully lost your virginity yet. Alcohol can work wonders.

    • This is a desperate strategy, mind you. Bars and clubs tend to be a good place to kind of hone your social skills since they let you kind of bounce from stranger to stranger to stranger.

      It's good to graduate from that though as soon as possible and proceed to work the networking angle with people you repeatedly see. Remember that your ability to catch women is often somewhat proportional to your ability to befriend a large number of people.

    • Last but not least, the people who are so deathly afraid of rejection usually haven't been rejected very often in their life, and they're approaching girls *after* they develop feelings for them which makes it more embarrassing/stingy if they say "no".

      Try being rejected by 500 girls. Get the thick skin. Learn to laugh it off. Building those qualities will help you get a "yes".

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  • You'd be better off seeing a therapist about your insecurity issues more than anything else.


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