Guys, what does it mean if u hug a girl all night long after sex? And why was he mad when I had to leave?

A guy that I met online last summer has always wanted a relationship with me... we went out twice last year and 4 times so far this year... we were intimate twice this week so far... he was always hugging me and had his arm around me for the whole entire night... also was kising me and humping me as well... we had a great time but then he seemed mad and frustrated when out time together had to end and I asked hinm to tale me home... why was he so "frustrated" that I had to go? Also what does it mean when a guy hugs/ holds the girl all night long?

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  • I think he just wants more time with you.

    • We kisse befor I left a he s we can can again, but he responded that h will let me know an an hasn't answered me since... what do I do?

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    • Why can't he pick you up from your house just out of curiosity?

    • I don't wan any drama being caused from my mom plus I'm taking precautions a well, but it's out in the open now so ya... plus I've reasured him that I'm not with any other guy...

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  • He wants more time with you.

    • He also asks me why he can't pick m from my house and he has asked me if I have another guy... why is that?

    • And he hasn't answered my texts ever since Sunday...

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