No friends, no acquaintances. How can I "find" a girlfriend?

I'm a college sophomore, and as I have said, I have no friends. I was dumped a while back because she was moving and didn't want to sustain the relationship (which is understandable), but she was the only person I was able to consistently talk to. The funny thing is that we met through tinder­čśů.
meeting women in the open world, I find to be rather futile since when I approach they act very uninterested... I have perfectly adequate social skills, but I just don't know... I don't believe in the "random encounters" garbage that escalates into a relationship.
women my age are far too immature, and older women won't have anything to do with me because of the age difference...
Am I just shit out of luck?

Clarification, I don't care about making friends... I've never needed friends to be happy in or out of a relationship.


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  • Step one
    Acquire friends.
    Step two
    Meet more people through them.
    Step three
    Attempt to approach the girls you're into.
    Don't use tinder-like applications, unless you're ridiculously good-looking.

    • If it were that easy he wouldn't be making a question on here.

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    • Actually... I don't want friends. I can't handle numerous acquaintances at once. I've always preferred to just have a relationship and not worry about friends.. And are you saying I'm "chicken-shit"...

    • I don't need to meet people through other people. If I can't do it by myself, then I don't want "coupled" with someone's acquaintance from some time in the past they had sex with. When friends hook you up with people, generally it's their sloppy seconds...

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  • Try online dating!

    • Already have 6 different dating apps i am active on daily.

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    • No, not really... I get messages from women that are interested, but eventually they cut contact when I offer to meet in person.

    • You just gotta keep trying! Getting responses is the first step. Now you just need to figure out how you can convert them into actual dates. You'll learn with experience.

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