He asked me to work for him, what does it mean?

To make it short, I met a guy online 3 months ago. We started flirting and then we went on few dates, but nothing came out of it because he wasn't sure if he will stay in town or not. He just moved in here and he started his own company. He is very ambitious and focused on his work because he has this big dream and wants to make it happen no matter what. He came to live here because standards are low and he can save a lot of money for his company. He works 16h a day and he is not looking for a relationship right now, only casual hookups. And for some reason he didn't want to hookup with me because, how he said, he doesn't see me that way and doesn't want to hurt me by using me, that he likes me way more then just a hookup. So he asked to just be friends for now. I didn't really took it too personal, I'm the type who doesn't care about the reasons, rejection is still a rejection and it hurts no matter why. But I agreed on just hanging out.
He now made this huge career step and he asked me if I would like to work with him on this big project. He knows I don't really like my current job and he offered me to work part time for him and some extra cash. It's a job related to my field of work and it's really interesting, so I accepted. He is making a team for this project and I was the first one he asked to join him, even though there are a lot of other people he knows who are more suitable for the job. He was extremely happy when I said yes.
He always does something like this, he likes to make sure that I'm happy and to find things for me that make me happy. He helps me when I'm in a bad situation and many times he stood up for me. For example one time I was searching to buy one phone and couldn't find it anywhere and he went to another city to find it for me.
The thing that bugs me though is that he has a fuck buddy. It's some girl he knew before me. But he doesn't do anything for her and they are not even friends, they just fuck sometimes. She knows about me too.

I guess my question is what do you think his intentions with me are? Is he honest does he really like more then just a hookup and really wants me in his life or is he just playing me? I'm not waiting for him I already see other guys, but do you think there's a chance for us once this crazy project is done and he finally makes his dream come true?


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  • Is there a chance for the two of you to develop a relationship? Yes, BUT he's in an empire building frame of mind that may last many years. as such, even if you got serious, t he relationship would be a difficult one. Furyher, by the time he's ready to sit back and relax, you may no longer be what he's looking for.


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  • He probably wants to keep you close as another option.

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