Guys, would you spend an entire (rainy) day in bed with a girl you are dating you have no feelings for (we've been dating for 2 months) ?

We cuddled a lot, had sex several times and talked.

Every moment is super super intimate and special if you ask me... and we have a ton of fun together.


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  • Do you mean he's a friend not a boyfriend ie a FBW?

    And in truth, I actually have spent a whole day with a female friends with benefits and like you I loved it... she came to my apartment at 8:00am, we showered then got into bed (naked) and were sexual with each other several times... she orgasmed 3 times, I ejaculated 3 times including 2 times whilst my penis was inside her... and we cuddled, massaged each other, chatted a lot then every time we felt horny we had sex... at around 6pm we showered and wemt out for dinner... it was a wonderful experience, so intimate and so special !! We both loved it !!!

    • So you had no feelings (romantic) for her? No, not friends with benefits, we were never friends before dating, (I met him, and we started dating, its been two months).

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    • I torgot to memtion that our day in bed was amazingly exciting especially becoz of the circumstances: we'd never seen each other naked before nor had sex with each other before, we were just friends having a prolonged day being naked together so we could be sexual for research !

      But I can truthfully say it was a blissfully enjoyable day becoz of the intimacy, the fascinating research circumstances and the beautiful sexual pleasure we each gave each other.

      I am still in frequent contact with my friend even though we currently live in a different parts of the world, and we have agreed to do this again when we next meet later this year... she sats she needs to do more research about male + female orgasms.

      I am very happy for my body to be used for sexual research + studies !!

    • *she says*

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  • I'm not a guy but doesn't sound like he has no feelings for you. Sounds like he likes you a lot


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  • I doubt he has no feelings for you if he did this , it does sound very intimate


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