WHY am I being ignore... is he bored of me?

Okay so to sum up, I went on about two friendly/ romantic dates with this guy about a month ago. Before that and some weeks after that, he would message me almost everyday and our conversation would last about 2 hours until I I went to bed.
The, for some reson, we stopped talking for a week. I messaged him first for the first time after this and he said things like 'I've missed talking to you, I had been planning on messaging you everyday but I don't why I didn't' and he even brought up the previous date saying that he "Had wanted to hold my hand but was too afraid to'.

That conversation and the next day's conversation lasted FIVE HOURS each :o

I don't see him around so much anymore but when I do, he'll be shocked to see me and stand their waving and smiling at me like he's in love. He just has that look on his face that says it all.

But for some reason we haven't messaged each other again for about two weeks now.

Should I message him or is he bored of me? I don't want to seem annoying.


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  • From what you wrote, it doesn’t sound like he’s getting bored with you or that anything is wrong or a warning sign. I think he just doesn’t know that it feels that way for you.

    So what ends up happening is the guy feels like it’s obvious that you know he loves you. you should let him know how things he used to say and do felt.

    You can just mention it offhand and phrase it in a way that says that you appreciate that side of him because most guys don’t have that ability but he does.

    If it’s really bothering you and you feel that he’s not getting the message, just tell him how you feel. It can help take the edge of the conversation if you say something like, ''I know it sounds silly but or ''I feel.''

    Wishing you the best of luck.


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  • If you've been messaging him first then you need to stop cause then he is NOT interested.

    If it has been fairly balanced and he has messaged you first then I see no reason why you can't message him again. However my gut is telling me you've been doing a lot of the work which is a sign that he is not quite where you are.

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