How do I approach this guy?

I go to the same crossfit as this guy let's say his name is John. I started crossfit about a year ago and he goes to the class at 4 and I go at 5. I've had a small crush on him but have never talked to him because he had a girlfriend. They broke up about 4 months ago and the other day (it was a legitimate accident) I dm'd him and asked him to go fishing with a group of friends. I immediately realized my mistake and apologized. He replied that it wasn't a problem and after a little bit of small talk he said that he wanted to go fishing too. I told him he could go the next time and he said okay and he said to let him know. I said okay and he read it and hasn't responded. It's been 2 weeks and I'm on vacation so I haven't been to the gym but I'm dying to talk to him. Should I dm him again or should I just wait?

I really need help with this one


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  • Just wait until you see him at the gym, then approach him and maybe you guys can exchange numbers (let him ask).

    • the guy might be too shy too ask i think maybe she should try if he doesn't

    • @chriss yeah, but she should approach him and if he's too shy she should ask.

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  • Message him again, you can't expect him to do all the communicating. He may think that you have lost interest.

  • dm him, he's ultimately accepted your date request.

    • Yeah but what do I say without sounding desperate

    • ask him to describe himself hobbies, interests, goals, what type of work, so your friends can have an idea of who he is.

  • Absolutely just wait.
    And do yourself a favour: don't reply quickly if he ever messages you back.


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