What's the best way to ask a girl out?

I want to ask her out but what is the correct formula to so that I hit the jackpot. Should I be completely serious, fun or a mix of both?
What are some things that i should avoid saying?
She said she wanted someone to take care of her so I'm guessing she's looking for a relationship.


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  • Be sincere.

    Just ask her out on a date. Say something like " Hi [her name], would you like to go on a date with me and go ice skating?"

    Or some other thing you'd like to do on a date.


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  • Let her glimpse your black Amex card and she will ask you out. :-)

    • no, im avoiding that...

    • I discovered that response by accident one day.
      I bought a new fountain pen and used my Amex card to pay for it. The female behind the counter almost came on the spot. - lol
      Whenever I am at a cafe or restaurant, I usually make a point of paying with the Amex card. I find it darkly amusing to watch the reaction of the female wait staff.