Why do men like to serial date??

So why do men talk to so many girls at one time, if they don't have a girlfriend? I know they are not obligated to anyone, so it's not cheating on anything, but don't they care at all about making at least one of the women their talking to feel special?


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  • Okay, don't start hating men because of this, but sometimes it's just fun to serial date. It feels good to get so much attention. Another aspect of it is that a man's sexual needs are strong and we have a harder time suppressing them than women. I know women's needs are just a strong but you guys just have the innate ability to put them on the back-burner, for the most part we kinda drop the ball in the respect. If there's a chance that we can have sex with a girl we find attractive we're going to go for it, sometimes (sadly, maybe 'often' is a more fitting) without even thinking about the emotional implications.

    Also, I've found that women don't enjoy being single as much. Don't get me wrong, there are women out there who aren't looking for a relationship, but most are and it's rarer that you find a woman who is just looking for casual sex with little emotional involvement than a man who is. Again, I realize that there are women out there who are like this, it's just that men have no problem with just having casual sex even when they ARE looking for a relationship, and in fact casual sex takes precedence and if something comes out of it, bonus. Women though seem to have sex with the hopes of starting a relationship.

    To put it into perspective I'll give you a scenario and tell you how the average guy thinks. You yourself are female so you should easily be able to see the obvious difference. Also, you have to know that girls and guys do think differently so don't call us pigs, or think it's gross, it's really out of our control for the most part especially when we are in our sexual prime.

    Guy sees a girl he thinks is cute and thinks, 'Damn I want to see if I can f*** her.'

    Guy approaches girl, in her mind this is going on, 'Can I see myself having sex with this guy, and is he good looking enough to impress my friends?' She doesn't actually think this, this is a natural human response because ALL first impressions are based on looks, don't buy into that love a first sight bullshit, it's lust at first sight, COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. So this actually takes place in her subconscious, and sometimes she does actively think it (depending on the girl).

    You start talking and this is where I'm actually a little confused but it seems either she finds him interesting and wants to date him, or just have sex with him. What I don't get is if she is in fact actively looking for a relationship will she just agree to casual sex if she finds him really hot but isn't interested in him or not?

    I can tell you the guy's take, we want to have sex with her regardless. Even if we don't want a relationship our primary goal will be bedding this girl and maybe keeping her around for as long as possible without getting to emotionally involved, unless we do want one. We won't even think about whether or not we're going to hurt you if you're looking for something more, because the truth is that sex gets in the way of us thinking that far ahead.

    • You shouldn't assume not all men are like this, at a point we get tired of the whole 'playing the field' thing and want to settle down. This is important to you because, if you're actively seeking a mate, this is the kind of guy you want to be looking for. I wish I could tell you WHAT to look for, but I really can't, it depends on the guy. The advice I can offer is, you should try to be a little more emotionally callous; don't wear your heart on your sleeve it has no place in the dating game.

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    • I haven't said anything to her yet, she doesn't even know I'm really coming over to talk to her, so I have the freedom to 'get out' if I need to without hurting her feelings. On the internet, you've already made contact and so 'pulling out' is not an option. In a real life situation this would be like me walking up to that girl, realizing she's not as attractive as I thought, but still approaching her and then talking to her. No one does this. I hope that makes my point a little clearer.

    • Yep, I get you completely. But guess I'm not that nice, him and I see each other as friends right now. If somethin happens thats cool, if nothin happens thats cool too. Hopefully he is as attractive in person, if he's not I don't think I will feel obligated to do anything with him. I guess it would be just a weird date to have to deal with for the rest of the remainder of the day...

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  • To tell you the truth at the moment I'm talking to three girls and no I don't really like them but I do like sex. I have these three but I am always looking for another, the only time that I would pick one if I liked them, and since I don't well keep on fishing I guess. My friends girlfriend calls me a player for being this but oh well that's just how I am, I think the real reason why she thinks that is because I slept with her best friend.

    • Wow... do you pretend like you like them??? Or are you honest about the fact that you only want them for sex? And are you enjoying the sex with complete strangers?

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    • Ok let me clarify. The masturbation doesn't suck, the fact that it's not a real person is what sucks... oh and sorry for spelling errors... It irritates me to look at those, but I'm to lazy to spellcheck.

    • My bad... wrong comment this commenting crap sux...

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