To early to ask her out?

So there's a girl at work I have a crush on and I'm wondering if it's too early to ask her out. For the last 4 days she's been coming by my station for stuff and talking to me. Our conversations have been mostly brief and kinda awkward (mainly due to my Nervousness) Mainly we talk about the job and how much it sucks. Though she did mention coming by one time and not seeing me around. She said she found it weird because she's so accustomed to seeing me and asked me about my schedule. So should I ask her to lunch next time or is it too soon? And does it seem like she might like me?


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  • She is into you or she won't ask about your schedule. I always suggest a coffee if you get nervous easily. A light date is best for a beginning.

    • Thanks for the reply and advice! So would it be okay if I asked her to a movie or would a lunch date be better?

    • No problem ^^
      Depending on how conformable are you.

      Movie : little talking is needed less nervousness

      Dinner: if you want to know her better and chit chat. Can be too intemate and you might be more nervous.
      Your choice :)

    • Thanks again! Sort of chickened out the other day because her friend came up next to her and started teasing her about what she was doing and getting. And yesterday she was was off but she came to work anyway to talk to her friend. Unfortunately she never came by to my station which was kind of discouraging because she saw me and I was ready to ask her but she just left. But hopefully she comes by today and I can ask her without chickening out. Wish me luck! Hopefully I'm not barking up the wrong tree!

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  • Yes ask her. It's never really too early, guys sometimes ask out girls after never even talking to them.

    I'll put it this way--better do it now rather than waiting 2+ years like I am with my coworker crush.

    • Thanks for the reply! Yeah I really want to ask her because she seems really cool and nice (she actually puts up with an awkward mess like me) I want to ask her soon so that no one else does. Wish me luck!

    • Good luck man, on the behalf of all guys who never could.