Does this guy really like me? Is he just shy?

So there's this guy in my college whom I've had a crush on for more than a year but he has no clue about it and we'd never talked to each other cause he's in a diff class and we have no common friends.. during the last week of college we had a class together and my crush was attending it as well.. I noticed that he kept looking at me throughout that day when I wasn't looking at him I could catch him a few times but he would quickly look away.. since that day he kept staring at me whenever I wasn't looking for the remaining few days of the week.. our exams started after that.. the next time we saw each other was after like 2 weeks we bumped into one another in a corridor n locked eyes with each other for a few secs but didn't talk to each other as I'm a really shy person n walked away quickly after that.. my frnds noticed him staring at me quite a lot after that incident whenever I wasn't looking.. during the last 4 exams he started finding excuses to hang around me n would stare at me but wouldn't talk.. all of his frnds once left quickly after they saw me entering the same corridor where he was hanging out with them... on the last day of college he was deliberately hanging around alone where I was standing n chatting with my frnds n was continuousy staring at me but I was so busy talking to my frnds that I didn't pay him any attention.. the moment I left to get some work done and came back he had left.. so my frnd decided to text him 2 days later about whether he liked me.. he didn't reply.. we met each other 2 weeks after the last day in a deserted corridor he was going out of his way to ignore me he was about to leave when I called out to him saying "Wait a minute, can we talk?" He literally came running towards me n replied with a sarcastic "About what?" I got pissed off.. I left saying "Do I have to tell you about what? Leave it" N then he also left..

by the way since college has ended we won't be seeing each other anymore..

I'm a really shy person n I'm even more shy around him so the chances of me approaching him were next to 0.. I always thought that he would be the one to approach me as he's quite confident n an outgoing guy n he's very comfortable talking to other girls.. but whenever he was around me he would go really quiet..
We're both 21 years old by the way.. hard to believe I guess Lol


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  • ease relax you two yes he likes you and yes that is affecting his behavior. Try suggesting that you two hang out. Don't ask him on a date just ask him to get lunch or something easy. You two do have a lot of sexual tension between you two making you act childish. When your around him try and relax.

    • Meaning he doesn't know how to act around me? That's why he was being sarcastic and was kinda acting like a jerk with me when we talked to each other that day?

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    • Your welcome I hope that things turn out well for you.

    • Thanks for mho

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  • The two of you are really kids, lol.

    He is shy, yes; still you shouldn't do the first move again.

    • I think he's even more childish than me Lol

      I don't think he'll ever make a move though.. especially after that conversation we had -_- he was kinda acting like a jerk that day.. but he was all red in the face the whole time we were talking

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  • I think he does. However, both of you behave in a childish manner.