Impossible love... What would you do in my situation?

It's never easy when it comes to love, but I'm in an impossible mission. The guy I'm in love with has a girlfriend whom he doesn't love her anymore and everything is like against us, even my mother. He's an awesome guy and always says the most beautiful stuff I've ever heard and I'm just stuck. I'm dying to hold him and kiss him. I told him to be just friends but he won't give up easily. He is sorry because he can't break uo with her. I also have a controlling and overprotective mother who doesn't agree neither to go to a coffee with him. Or when he calls she comes to listen what we talk. I know its wrong to be the other woman, thats why I ended it, but its not like we can't be good friends.


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  • Being so close to each other, but not being able to be together sounds really painful. If he is forced to pick between you two, who would he chose, if he couldn't see the other person any more?
    If he really can't chose you, but still wants your company and friendship I would suggest taking a break from each other for a couple months. That way you both have time to readjust (both physical and emotionally) to simply friends.
    Neither you nor his girlfriend deserve to be cheated on. Hold strong and good luck!

  • Well honestly I would feel sorry for myself and cry myself to sleep every night but after I got over that. I would move out I'm still living with my mother then I would get over that guy because I won't be the side chick anymore.

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