Why does she still keep in contact if she said " I let you go along time ago"?

So me and this woman work together for 3 years. One night she came on to me and initiated feelings towards me. I guess we were together? Maybe, who knows... Then she dropped me like a bad habit 3 weeks later. From there she avoided me. We talked again and then she pushed me away. It's been like this over a course of 3 years. She runs then she comes back. Recently I confessed again my feelings for her after we were back on good terms. But she said, " I can't be with you, your too young and age matters to me. I'm not going to hold on to something that's not going to work, I let you go along time ago." "I asked her if she wants me to stop everything? Her response was... "Kinda." Now it's just awkward. She's not as happy to see me. She still has mixed signals, tells her friends I'm just a friend and just for conversation. But at the same time she still tries to flirt with me, touches me sometimes and texts once in a while. I don't understand what she wants. Why keep in contact or keep me around if you don't want me? Can anyone help? I'm confused...

Also she's off and on with affection... She sometimes does touch my arm during conversations and sometimes tries to make eye contact


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  • She's not honest to herself. She totally has a crush on you but she feels some social pressure because of the age gap.

    How old are you two anyway?

    • That is not too dramatic..
      Try to figure out why the age thing is such a big deal for her.

    • She said it's because she wants someone her own age she can settle with. The whole you'll be in your prime and I'll be a old woman. I may leave her for the nurse she said. She said her children won't except me neither will her mother. I'm close in age with her children. She tried friendzoning me but I wasn't having it. She said I was ruining the friendship. She has been married twice and had bad marriages also she's been independent for a long while.

  • She can't make up her mind. Just stay cool, do your own thing. She'll move on soon enough.

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