Does anyone have any ideas for a romantic weekend?

Hi guys,

My boyfriend and I have been a couple for about 8 months now, before that we were really close friends for a year.

All through our friendship he's been solidly there for me while I've been suffering quite badly with anxiety. He waited patiently until I was ready to start seeing someone and has just been amazing since then. He's put up with a lot from me because of how much he loves me, which he tells me often.

Unfortunately, since becoming a couple we've just not had time to actually enjoy it (if that makes sense). We move between his mums house, my parents house and his dads house on a weekly basis, we both work full time, my anxiety is off and on and he's really unhappy in his job. On top of that we are trying to save money for our own place.

For the last three weeks we've been bickering on and off, and most of it is my fault. I know we are taking our frustrations out on each other and constantly moving around is taking it's toll. The bickering doesn't last for long and we always talk through it within about 10 minutes. So I'm not worried about that. But I do feel really bad about it. Because he's constantly showing how much he loves me and he's always there for me, looking after me and bringing me out of anxiety attacks.

I really want to do something special either next weekend or the weekend after. I want to take him on a date or arrange to do something just to show him how much I appreciate everything he does for me and how much I love him back. I think we really need that time to ourselves with no family, no phones, just the two of us.

If anyone has any ideas I'd really appreciate it!!

Thanks so much in advance xx


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  • I like nature and road trips or taking long walks into nature , maybe camping.
    If he likes that as much he would enjoy it. I think these kinda activities makes people closer together besides there's no cell phone and also no pricks around , so you give each other all the attention and love.
    I hope happiness for you 2.

    • Thank you so much! He loves camping and he really likes picnics :D so I could do something like that and it doesn't eat into our budget much! Such a great idea.

    • you're very welcome.

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  • Well, I just have to ask, why are you moving around so much? Can't you stay with your parents and he with his dad/mom? I think that would take the pressure off the relationship while you're saving up money and he maybe gets his job situation worked out.
    Anyway, you could just buy him a small gift and then take him out to his favorite restaurant.

    • We used to do that, I used to live about 10 minutes away from him, but we started staying together every night. He doesn't get along with his mum but stays with her because she's disabled, so I started taking pressure off him by helping out there. But then my family moved and I'm helping them out right now so that's why I'm still with them. I suggested him staying at his own home some nights so he isn't having to travel with me but he said he doesn't want us to sleep apart. If I'm being honest with myself I don't want that either. But it's that with a combination of other stuff that's taking a bit of a toll.

    • I get that you want to spend the nights together and all that but it just seems like for the time being, it just adds some unnecessary pressure to the relationship. Maybe you could figure out something else that could work out, like only sleeping together some specific days. Maybe even just try it out for a while, see if you bicker less.

    • Yeah that's definitely something for us to think about, thank you. We've arranged so I move in with him in September, which I know will help us out. I just don't want him to have unnecessary stress before then.

      As for the gift thing, he's so awkward with gifts I'll have to do it on the sly haha!

  • Go for a hike in the woods and have a picnic