Should I or shouldn't I?

i have had a crush on this one guy for a year and he's one of my friends I'm black and he's white and gorgeous h aha, I feel like I should tell him I like him but I don't know. Sometimes I wish I had the courage to just go up to him and spontaneously kiss him and he would be my first kiss because I haven't had one yet, I'm kinda picky about the guys I like they don't have to fit all my standards but I just really have to feel it's right... but idk..i just feel like these feeling have gone on long enough and I want you guys opinion on what I should do.


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  • Interact with him.

    If you have already established your level of attraction for him, you need to give him a reason to establish a similar level of attraction for you.

    - The way to go about doing that, is by hanging out and getting to know one another; by flirting; or by many other methods that allow you both to interact on an emotional and physical level.

    This is what I would recommend:

    - Conversations (Bantering / Flirting / General)

    - Playfighting (Wrestling / Punching / Pinching / Tickling)

    - Hanging out (Skating / Jogging / Dancing / etc

    etc etc etc

    ** NOTICE :: In the above activities, most of them require you to have a partner. That's the key purpose of choosing those activities... See the trend? **

    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • Well, before you do anything too hastily, think abot how he feels about yyou. Do you honestly think he likes you? Because, even if it's not 100% positive, if he feels the same way as ou, you'll know if it's right to kiss him.

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