Trying to do LDR with a guy in the Navy. Advice from anyone in the service?

So my boyfriend is in the Navy and he just got orders to move to a different state. I'm finishing up school so I can't go with him. I was wondering if anyone could impart advice on how to keep things going?

I am wondering what is realistic to expect in terms of communication. Would he be able to communicate like via Skype or something occasionally while he's deployed on a ship? Or is it more realistic that I might not hear from him for months at a time? What other things should I keep in mind/expect?

My boyfriend and I would really like to try and make this work, so any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!


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  • Best advice: break it off. I would say "Don't cheat on him" but I know better. Depending on what his job is and what type of ship he's on, he might be at sea for months at a time. I saw too many guys going through too much chit with some cupcake back home. They cheat and then blame him, or complain that he can't call pretty much whenever, never mind the fact that he's on a WARSHIP, deployed halfway around the world, in a WAR ZONE. Nope, none of that matters, Cupcake's feelz trump everything.

    It's easier to call and such nowadays than it was when I was in, but it's still not the same as calling your friend across town. And the separation is a major issue. Being gone for months on end will get to you.

    • Please don't assume all girls cheat. I've done LDR before, just not with someone in the military. If it ended up not working, either they or I broke it off depending on what the situation was, and amicably. There has not been cheating on either side of those relationships from my own past experience.

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    • He'll get packages at sea. I wouldn't advise putting anything like cookies or brownies in there, tho.

    • Right. I'll be sure to ask him what he would actually like/need/find useful, but I'm glad to hear they can get it out there.

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  • I was military but I'm not a chick on the other side of the picture so @rgb008 could give you a better answer.

    • Yeah op I'm LDR with someone in the army. Feel free to pm me

    • @rgb008 thank you. Will do.

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  • All I can say is good luck. You're going to need it.