Friend to girlfriend?

I have this former coworker who we have always had great chemistry and friendship. About two years ago while out with some of our other co-workers she had whispered in my ear that I was the one black guy she ever imagined sleeping with. Later that night I was dropping her off at home and we ended up hooking up. We only made out in the car as she said she was on her period. Now the only time we ever hooked up eyes our co-workers started gossiping and she decided to not want to continue or further things. Since then we have grown closer as friends and we spend a considerable amount of time together. We work on professional projects together and I help her edit her papers for school. Since we're spending a lot of time together I suggested we do something for Valentine's but she said she does not want to go past friendship. She however happens to be my biggest fan in the sense that she thinks I am so funny. And she seems to somewhat be protective of her other female friends when I meet them. I feel that she has interest in me but something is holding her back. For instance I am shorter than her and I think what other people are saying to her about me might be affecting her decision about me. All my friends and some of her girlfriends have even suggested to me we look really good together but it is just her. I want to get out of the friend zone as I was deeply hurt from the past fling. All I want now is a healthy committed normal relationship. My height seems to play a factor I fear that I am doomed to be alone forever even if many females find me good looking.


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  • "All I want now is a healthy committed normal relationship. "
    You may want that, but she doesn't.
    Move on.


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  • Part of the reason why she doesn't feel the need to jump into a relationship with you is because you're already giving her what she wants.
    You need to take a few steps back. Act more like a coworker than a boyfriend. Don't go out of your way for her. I had this happen to me before. I ended up taking a few steps back and hanging out with other women. A few months later, she admitted that she was still interested in me.

    • That is exactly what I have decided to do is to just take a few steps back. The last today she has not really message me and I have not bothered. I just feel like at the end of the day my heart will always matter

    • That's how you should go about it. Women will enter and leave your life. I'm sure you like this girl a lot, but you should focus more on yourself.

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