Girls, Cute ways to ask a girl who's just a friend to go as my date for Military Ball again?

I want to ask a girl who is just a friend of mine who has been my date to Military Ball in High School two times now if she would like to go again but this year I want to do it in a cute way. The Military Ball I speak of is held by my alma mater from high school, I graduated in 2015 but the instructors told me I could come back any year even as alumni. I was in NJROTC all four years of high school. I took dates to Military Ball my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years of high school. There was a different girl as my date every year the girl I am referring to I took as my escort my senior year and when I went back this past January as a alumnus. I would just like to ask her in a cute way. I was thinking of singing her a song and giving her a bouquet of one of her favorite colors of roses RED. I would like other ideas though just to expand my thinking.


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  • awww thats sweeet

    There are a few ways to ask her

    One could be to get a cake made and put on the iceing , will you go to prom with me?

    Or you could drop the bouquet and a letter at her doorstep asking her about it?


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