Should I contact her after she backed off?

so i was dating that girl, we dated a few times, no kissing or nothing happened between us, i felt she was attracted to me and i was attracted to her, we had some little misunderstandings though, regarding stupid stuff, and then i felt her back off, she doesn't pursue me anymore, she doesn't text me, her replies to my texts got shorter and shorter... you got the point.

so it's been one week we didn't talk to each other, and she traveled outside the country for work. do you think i should contact her , like send her a little text saying: "hey, how you been" or anything like that, or do you think i should just let her come to me, and give her space to decide whether she wants to come back or not?


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  • You have every right to continue contacting her because if she is trying to discontinue talking to you, she should tell you. It is BS and immature to just disappear on someone. I would just ask her about it. Tell her you feel like maybe she changed her mind about continuing to see you if so just let you know. It might suck if she says she is no longer interested but you could wonder about this for 2 to 3 more weeks and then wonder what happened for even longer (trust me, that is what I am going through, it stinks!) That way you get an answer and can move on.


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  • Ask her how the trip was. If she doesn't respond, that's the last text you ever send her.


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  • Whatever your "little misunderstanding" was, it was enough to make her lose interest. You need to give her some space. If you haven't resolved your issue with her you can try but don't push it. Back off and if she wants to talk to you again, then you can proceed with caution because you might be friend zoned at that point. But don't hope for any miracles and prepare to move on.

  • What were the stupid misunderstandings. its odd that you think you knowthecause but don't give any details to the one piece of information you have.. so what actually happened? it matters. what is silly to one person might be significant to an other.

  • Just give her some space


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  • no.

    everything is based on respect and attraction and sometiems they are the same.

    you must always make the strong persons decisions to keep the level high as to have the power on your side.

    dont contact her and dont give yourself delusional excuses to do so.

    and second time you get rejected, walk away.

    men are the prize, men are the masters/leaders/men. be that and shell respect/appreciate you for it

    • he wants to contact her. so him not contacting her is not giving him power its just making nothing happen. power from nothingness is an illusion. in this case a game.

    • @AriadneSky of course he wants to contact her. but he is acting needy and seeking validation which is a weak unattractive trait.

      i probably know better how women work than you do lol

    • my point was not about this specific case its about the concept that there is one formula for inaction regardless of situation =power. upperhand bla bla bla.

      and always involves lack of communication you did not even bother to find out what happened.

      also no sex is a prize. a person is valuable or not depending upon what the other is interested in. you're not a master you're a human being. a fallible human being. respect goes both ways.

      im a woman you dont know how i work.

  • No. This is a dry well.

    You dated 'a few times' and didn't even get a kiss? She wasn't attracted to you, plain and simple.

    Cut your losses and learn from this one.